International Council of Bottled Water Associations

Promoting Safety, Quality and Sustainability.

ICBWA Mission

The International Council of Bottled Water Associations is the voice of the global bottled water industry. We are dedicated to promoting rigorous quality standards for bottled water and sustainable environmental stewardship.

The Council also provides a platform for the sharing of information among our members.


Health & Hydration
Environment & Sustainability
Quality & Safety

Water and hydration play a critical role in healthy lives. ICBWA, through our member associations, have compiled examples from around the world on how national health authorities are helping to educate people on healthy nutrition. To learn more, see our global water consumption guide.

ICBWA is the leading authority for the global bottled water industry.

This is achieved by:

Representing the interests of the bottled water industry at an international level to relevant stakeholders at all levels.

Supporting rigorous quality standards and sustainable environmental stewardship internationally.

Ensuring efficient information sharing among ICBWA members and supporting actions when appropriate.

ICBWA Members