Health and Hydration

Water is an essential nutrient and plays a key role in the human body. From cells and tissues to vital organs, every system in the body requires water to function. Free of calories, sugar, and additives, drinking water is the most natural way to stay hydrated.

Optimal hydration is strongly linked to better long-term health outcomes. Hydration plays a key role in the prevention of some non-communicable diseases, in particular reduced kidney function, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and helping to reduce obesity. Drinking water also helps to maintain good physical and cognitive performance. The available data suggests, however, that many of us are not drinking enough. That is why we encourage consuming water from every source – tap, filtered, and bottled.

Each bottled water product has its own distinctive taste due to a unique set of properties and a mineral composition. Consumers can choose their water by taste depending on mineral content and their preference for still or sparkling, meeting the growing demand for beverages.

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Health & Hydration
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