Our members market their products in fully recyclable packaging materials, such as PET plastic, glass or aluminum, which are all valuable resources. Circular Economy is at the forefront of our industry. Producers are more than ever committed to embrace reduce, reuse and recycle, partnering with the whole supply chain to give all their packaging a second life.

While the available infrastructure varies significantly around the world, all our members share in the goal to increase recycling. Our sector is determined to give every container a second life. Efficient collection and investment in educating consumers on the value of recycling is critical.

The industry supports well-designed Deposit Return Systems, which have been shown to increase the collection rates of the recyclable packaging used in bottles. It is also important that the collected recyclable material remains in a closed loop and is not ‘downcycled,’ i.e., used in non- or difficult-to-recycle applications, so that it can be used and recycled again.

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